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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Paracord How To: QD Blaze Bar Bracelet

The QD (Quick Deploy) Blaze Bar is a bracelet weave that easily comes apart allowing you to use the cord, as well as looking really attractive.

A rather unique pattern, the Blaze Bar is a great addition to your paracord bracelet list. This bracelet was made using Blaze Orange Camo and Olive Drab Paracord made by E.L. Wood Braiding Company.

To weave this bracelet, you will need: 550 Paracord, Ruler, Scissors, Lighter, 5mm Metal Shackle, Paracord Jig (optional), Paracord Needles (optional)

As always, first you sill need to measure your wrist size, including the length of the buckle in your measurement. Be sure to include a little bit of extra cord for comfort. A jig is really handy because it includes a built-in ruler, making bracelet measurement very simple.

Here is a quick resource for finding out how much cord you need per inch of bracelet.

The two lengths of paracord were fused using the Manny Method, which is the best way that we know of to fuse two lengths of paracord very strongly.

Here is the basic weave that was used for the QD Blaze Bar.

After you are done, it is time to cut and melt to ends. A torch lighter melts the ends very cleanly.

The bracelet is finished. It really didn't take that long and the end product is very impressive.

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