Survival-Pax Blog: Fusing Paracord Part II: The Multi-Manny Method

Monday, April 20, 2015

Fusing Paracord Part II: The Multi-Manny Method

Continuing along with our video of Possibly the Best Way to Fuse Paracord: The Manny Method, we wanted to show you how to connect three or more strands of 550 Paracord together.

This method was popularized by Manual Zembrano on the Parachute Cord Crafters Facebook group.

You will need three strands of paracord, one or two paracord needles, a pair of scissors and a lighter.

For an explanation on how to join two strands of paracord, read our blog post on the Manny Method.

Once your first two strands are joined, cut an end off of the third strand of paracord that you will be joining. Then, pull out about 1-2 inches of internal strands. Cut these strands and pull the color sheath back over the internal strands of paracord.

Lightly singe the end of paracord after shaping it with the paracord needle.

Then, grab the needle attached to the two strands joined earlier and pierce the color sheath going through the opening of the third strand of paracord.

Attach a needle onto the third strand of paracord and pierce the sheath of the paracord that you just pull through the third strand.

If you did everything correctly, you should now have a very strong joint between these two pieces of paracord. If this post sounded confusing, please watch the video and you'll be joining separate strands of paracord in no time!



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