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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Paracord How To: Shark Jawbone Bracelet

A very attractive and surprisingly simple paracord weave is the Shark Jawbone. In the video above, you can learn to make such a bracelet in no time!

This bracelet was woven using 550 Paracord, but it can also be make using Type I Paracord or 425 Tactical Cord.

The Shark Jawbone pattern has a stylish unique style that would look great as part of your paracord crafts.

To make this bracelet, you will need: Ruler, Scissors, Lighter, 1/2" Buckle, Paracord, Jig (optional), Needlenose Pliers (optional)

First, you will need to measure your wrist size. Don't forget to include the length of the buckle, when figuring out the length of your bracelet?

This bracelet is most easily woven on a Paracord Jig. If you don't have one, we sell a whole variety of Paracord Jigs & Accessories.

This is the basic weave of the Shark Jawbone.

After you're done weaving the bracelet, it's time to snip the ends.

Once the ends are snipped, they need to be singed. The blue part of the lighter is best for melting the paracord.

And you're done. It's that simple. Now you can make a Shark Jawbone Bracelet and impress all of your friends.

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