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Monday, May 19, 2014

Inexpensive Weapons Light - NEBO PROTEC Elite HP190

The PROTEC Elite HP190 is a
functional and affordable weapon's light.
In the search for affordable weapon's mounted lights, we come to the NEBO PROTEC Elite HP190. This is one of the most affordable weapon's mounted lights, and surprisingly, for the money, is remarkably functional.

The HP190 is made out of annodized aluminum, mounts on picatinny & various other rails and uses a modern LED emitter. Because of this, it output 190 lumens of light, which is enough for close to medium-range use.

The HP190 easily mounts onto firearms with a rail.
From my use at the range, I can't complain much as to it's function. One thing I wish they would change, though, is the actuation of the light. The light is turned on with a side switch, which is actuated with the right trigger finger. Since it uses the right trigger finger, it is not as friendly to lefties, but can still be used with the off-hand thumb.

If you're a right-handed shooter, then this is easily overlooked, especially when considering the price point that it comes at, at $34.99, as of writing this blog post.

For more details on the light, watch the video below. Also, product specification can be found on the product page, which is found HERE.

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