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Friday, February 14, 2014

A Closer Look at 425 Tactical Cord

550 Paracord has been a staple product here at Survival-Pax for several years. Within the past 2 years, the popularity of Paracord has grown significantly. Many of you are familiar with the characters of 550 Paracord, but if you aren't, we wrote a great blog post on the subject that can be found on our post called "550 Paracord - Multiple Utility Cordage".

Not too long ago, we began offering Type I Paracord, which you can read about on our blog post called "What is Type 1 Paracord?"

Fast forward to today, and we are now offering a third type of cordage called 425 Tactical Cord. A video explanation of the cord can be seen below:

425 Tactical Cord falls right in between Type I and Type III Paracord. It's breaking strength is 425 lbs. It is also made out of nylon, which makes it soft, pliable and easy to work with.

Our selection of 425 Tactical Cord comes in 5 popular colors:
Black, White, Electric Blue, Imperial Red and Neon Orange
425 Tactical Cord has 3 internal strands, which still gives you the versatility of using the internal strands for dental floss, fishing, sewing, or a myriad of other tasks. However, the 425 cord is lighter-weight than 550 Paracord, coming in at 5 oz for a 100' section. This allows you to carry more of it, while still having a very strong cordage.

So, for now, we are starting out with 5 of the more popular colors: Black, White, Electric Blue, Imperial Red and Neon Orange. We will be adding more colors as the popularity of Tactical Cord grows. Of course, all of our colors of Type I, Type III and 425 Cord can be seen on our Color Chart.

Why would you use 425 Tactical Cord?

Like I mentioned earlier, 425 Tactical Cord is lighter-weight, while still retaining much of its strength. It is also thinner. If you're making bracelets or other paracord crafts, then try mixing up your designs and using a thinner type of cord. It'll make your bracelets and crafts less bulky, allowing thicker weaves to still be comfortable to wear for smaller wrists.

So, try some 425 Tactical Cord out and let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

Take care guys!

Simon - Survival-Pax Team Member

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