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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Car Kit by David Dietrich

We love hearing from our community members. David Dietrich just recently put together a Car Kit that I would like to share with you all to possibly give you all some ideas on what to include in your emergency kits.


Well, here are some pics of the completed Car Kit I just put together. Black Widow Paracord from E.L. Wood. It matches perfectly. I also added that pattern to the zipper pulls of my hiking bag.

The pouch is a L.A. Rescue Gear medium pouch that is part of their Wildland Firefighting collection. I replaced their zipper pulls with ones made from the

The contents of David's Car Kit.
Here is a quick list of contents:
►   Light-duty first-aid bag
►   Multi-Tool (Leatherman Sidekick)
►   Flashlight (FourSevens Quark Tactical QT2L-X)
►   Utility scissors
►   Screwdriver
►   Adjustable Wrench
►   Tire gauge
►   12' (approx.) paracord
►   Duct tape
►   Electrical tape
►   Zip ties
►   Fuses
►   Notepad & Pen

I think this, along with the safety triangles and booster cables I keep in the trunk, will handle most situations.

Nice and small, the Car Kit easily fits in a glove box.

I chose the Sidekick over the Wingman or Wave because it packs all the utility I would need in a Multi-Tool for the car. Anyway, my Wave also goes with me wherever I go since it resides in my satchel.

I cannot wait to use this kit for things involving the car. This is not an emergency kit by any stretch.  For long trips, I always have my hiking bag with me that doubles as an emergency bag with the stuff it has in it. This kit is a little bigger than the original items I kept in the car, so it now resides in the glove box.

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