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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Paracord Projects by Travis Lamer - Friend and Customer of

Travis Lamer, a customer of ours, wrote in with a great amount of detail about each of the paracord projects that he wanted to share with the Survival-Pax Community. These projects were crafted while he was deployed overseas and while he was here at home. I'll let Travis do the talking for the rest of this post. :)


Most of these projects began with an idea of "what if!" But, to make them possible, I have to give the credit to YouTube and the many individuals that created originals. I may have tweaked some projects from bracelets to key-fobs or visa-versa to make it possible. I really enjoy making things that are useful and desired. I don't like to make normal bracelets, I like the difficulty in odd projects and requests.

Watch Band - Deployed
I was presented with a dilemma when a buddy's watch band broke and they lost a pin. They asked if I could fix it. Challenge accepted! Using an existing pin from a buckle-clasp, I was able to repair it. I used a "Wide Solomon Bar Bracelet" method from one of the greatest resources I've found, Tying It All Together (TIAT) on YouTube. I had to modify this method to make it work as a watch band, though. I removed the 'guts' from inside the paracord to cut down on bulky size. I used buckle clasps from your online store that shipped to Africa! Once I get an idea, I don't give up! This pictured Watch Band was the 3rd I've made and I get better each time. This watch was brand new when I bought it. I immediately took the bands off and fashioned this for everyone to see my craft. Still wear it today.

Gym Bag - Home
I did this because I wanted to see if it was possible. I first needed to learn HOW to make it possible. YouTube once again, using a Loom, I utilized "Good Knit Kisses: Loom Knit Mesh Bag" videos, parts 1-4. A simple idea from Yarn to Paracord. This was cinched with the Finger Knit Rope I made (see below) to close the bag and double as straps like a backpack.

Stretchy Wide Solomon Bracelet - Deployed
Originally, I used the same YouTube video as my watch band, yet I've noticed since I've been Home that TIAT has added a stretchy version of the normal Solomon Bracelet. Anyway, I thought about making a WSB, but I wanted to make it continuous with no buckles. I used TWO brown Hair-Ties in the inside to wrap around to make it stretch. Simple. Same design, but connect the ends into itself and burn to fasten.

Chain-mail Bracelet - Home
TIAT: Chained Endless Falls. This was from J.D. Lenzen's book, Paracord Fusion Ties - Vol. 1. I wanted to have more varieties of bracelets of my own.

Knitted Bracelets -Deployed
I used the same method on the Knited Weapon Slings (see below) I made. I went to YouTube to learn How to Knit and had my wife send me knitting needles across the pond so I could do this. I only needed to see HOW so I could modify it for my idea. I used size 10 1/2 needles. These were very difficult to tie off on themselves. They were slip-on and a very soft, not stiff wrap.

Jellyfish Key-Fobs - Home
TIAT: Jellyfish Key-Fob This is a great method for using up ALL your small fringe pieces of paracord. If you have at least 5 inches of scraps, then you can make these little key-fobs.

Firecracker Key-Fob - Deployed
TIAT: Firecracker Sinnet Key-Fob I made a patriotic key fob, then twisted it instead of keeping it straight. I made a few other colors of this one before my mom took interest and requested one. Simple sturdy key fob.

Wrapture - Deployed
TIATThe Wrapture Key-Fob I saw this and HAD to make it! I made many in lots of colors.

Hammock - Home
My goal after deployment was to make a Paracord Hammock. I ended up making one so I could use it while on my 2-week Annual Training. ParaHammockGuy on YouTube. I used maybe 1/3 of a 1,000ft spool of paracord. I used this hammock every night, even with a few downpours. I used my sleep system with wet weather cover to keep me dry. And I was able to attach it to the sides of our Rocket Pod Trailer with some boat-ropes. Loved it and made a few buddies jealous!

Mini Pouch - Deployed
I saw this and wanted to at least try to make it. TIAT: Dragon Egg Pouch It's a very small pouch and not very useful, but it's cute and handy for my 3 kids to play with.

Finger Knit Rope - Deployed
I wanted this to turn out differently, however, this was a happy accident! I knew how to use knitting needles, yet I wanted to see if I could use my hands for a similar product. Finger Knitting. Again, I had to learn how. I had no use for this until I needed a cinch for my Gym Bag (see above).

Knitted Weapon Sling - Deployed
I made dozens of these while deployed. These were used on M4s and have even been used on Hunting Rifles, too. The knit was easy, only 2 hours of work. I mainly had 4 to 5 stitches wide, depending on the weight of the weapon. I ordered some carabiners from I fashioned a loop on one side to secure the sling around the buttstock if the weapon and used two small carabiners to clip it to the front sling mount near the barrel. I could hardly keep up with orders! They are super comfortable and crazy durable! Even had a 1-Star General order one!

Thank you for sharing with us, Travis! Happy Paracording!



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