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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Car Kit by David Dietrich

We love hearing from our community members. David Dietrich just recently put together a Car Kit that I would like to share with you all to possibly give you all some ideas on what to include in your emergency kits.


Well, here are some pics of the completed Car Kit I just put together. Black Widow Paracord from E.L. Wood. It matches perfectly. I also added that pattern to the zipper pulls of my hiking bag.

The pouch is a L.A. Rescue Gear medium pouch that is part of their Wildland Firefighting collection. I replaced their zipper pulls with ones made from the

The contents of David's Car Kit.
Here is a quick list of contents:
►   Light-duty first-aid bag
►   Multi-Tool (Leatherman Sidekick)
►   Flashlight (FourSevens Quark Tactical QT2L-X)
►   Utility scissors
►   Screwdriver
►   Adjustable Wrench
►   Tire gauge
►   12' (approx.) paracord
►   Duct tape
►   Electrical tape
►   Zip ties
►   Fuses
►   Notepad & Pen

I think this, along with the safety triangles and booster cables I keep in the trunk, will handle most situations.

Nice and small, the Car Kit easily fits in a glove box.

I chose the Sidekick over the Wingman or Wave because it packs all the utility I would need in a Multi-Tool for the car. Anyway, my Wave also goes with me wherever I go since it resides in my satchel.

I cannot wait to use this kit for things involving the car. This is not an emergency kit by any stretch.  For long trips, I always have my hiking bag with me that doubles as an emergency bag with the stuff it has in it. This kit is a little bigger than the original items I kept in the car, so it now resides in the glove box.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Paracord Projects by Travis Lamer - Friend and Customer of

Travis Lamer, a customer of ours, wrote in with a great amount of detail about each of the paracord projects that he wanted to share with the Survival-Pax Community. These projects were crafted while he was deployed overseas and while he was here at home. I'll let Travis do the talking for the rest of this post. :)


Most of these projects began with an idea of "what if!" But, to make them possible, I have to give the credit to YouTube and the many individuals that created originals. I may have tweaked some projects from bracelets to key-fobs or visa-versa to make it possible. I really enjoy making things that are useful and desired. I don't like to make normal bracelets, I like the difficulty in odd projects and requests.

Watch Band - Deployed
I was presented with a dilemma when a buddy's watch band broke and they lost a pin. They asked if I could fix it. Challenge accepted! Using an existing pin from a buckle-clasp, I was able to repair it. I used a "Wide Solomon Bar Bracelet" method from one of the greatest resources I've found, Tying It All Together (TIAT) on YouTube. I had to modify this method to make it work as a watch band, though. I removed the 'guts' from inside the paracord to cut down on bulky size. I used buckle clasps from your online store that shipped to Africa! Once I get an idea, I don't give up! This pictured Watch Band was the 3rd I've made and I get better each time. This watch was brand new when I bought it. I immediately took the bands off and fashioned this for everyone to see my craft. Still wear it today.

Gym Bag - Home
I did this because I wanted to see if it was possible. I first needed to learn HOW to make it possible. YouTube once again, using a Loom, I utilized "Good Knit Kisses: Loom Knit Mesh Bag" videos, parts 1-4. A simple idea from Yarn to Paracord. This was cinched with the Finger Knit Rope I made (see below) to close the bag and double as straps like a backpack.

Stretchy Wide Solomon Bracelet - Deployed
Originally, I used the same YouTube video as my watch band, yet I've noticed since I've been Home that TIAT has added a stretchy version of the normal Solomon Bracelet. Anyway, I thought about making a WSB, but I wanted to make it continuous with no buckles. I used TWO brown Hair-Ties in the inside to wrap around to make it stretch. Simple. Same design, but connect the ends into itself and burn to fasten.

Chain-mail Bracelet - Home
TIAT: Chained Endless Falls. This was from J.D. Lenzen's book, Paracord Fusion Ties - Vol. 1. I wanted to have more varieties of bracelets of my own.

Knitted Bracelets -Deployed
I used the same method on the Knited Weapon Slings (see below) I made. I went to YouTube to learn How to Knit and had my wife send me knitting needles across the pond so I could do this. I only needed to see HOW so I could modify it for my idea. I used size 10 1/2 needles. These were very difficult to tie off on themselves. They were slip-on and a very soft, not stiff wrap.

Jellyfish Key-Fobs - Home
TIAT: Jellyfish Key-Fob This is a great method for using up ALL your small fringe pieces of paracord. If you have at least 5 inches of scraps, then you can make these little key-fobs.

Firecracker Key-Fob - Deployed
TIAT: Firecracker Sinnet Key-Fob I made a patriotic key fob, then twisted it instead of keeping it straight. I made a few other colors of this one before my mom took interest and requested one. Simple sturdy key fob.

Wrapture - Deployed
TIATThe Wrapture Key-Fob I saw this and HAD to make it! I made many in lots of colors.

Hammock - Home
My goal after deployment was to make a Paracord Hammock. I ended up making one so I could use it while on my 2-week Annual Training. ParaHammockGuy on YouTube. I used maybe 1/3 of a 1,000ft spool of paracord. I used this hammock every night, even with a few downpours. I used my sleep system with wet weather cover to keep me dry. And I was able to attach it to the sides of our Rocket Pod Trailer with some boat-ropes. Loved it and made a few buddies jealous!

Mini Pouch - Deployed
I saw this and wanted to at least try to make it. TIAT: Dragon Egg Pouch It's a very small pouch and not very useful, but it's cute and handy for my 3 kids to play with.

Finger Knit Rope - Deployed
I wanted this to turn out differently, however, this was a happy accident! I knew how to use knitting needles, yet I wanted to see if I could use my hands for a similar product. Finger Knitting. Again, I had to learn how. I had no use for this until I needed a cinch for my Gym Bag (see above).

Knitted Weapon Sling - Deployed
I made dozens of these while deployed. These were used on M4s and have even been used on Hunting Rifles, too. The knit was easy, only 2 hours of work. I mainly had 4 to 5 stitches wide, depending on the weight of the weapon. I ordered some carabiners from I fashioned a loop on one side to secure the sling around the buttstock if the weapon and used two small carabiners to clip it to the front sling mount near the barrel. I could hardly keep up with orders! They are super comfortable and crazy durable! Even had a 1-Star General order one!

Thank you for sharing with us, Travis! Happy Paracording!