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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WROL & Gun Control

As many of you have noticed, we are starting up the WROL Series of videos again. When we did them in the past, we got many positive responses and have decided to start them up again. This series will be set 2-3 years in the future from the last one.

This is the newest video in the WROL Series.

To bring all of you up to speed, WROL stands for Without Rule of Law. It's a situation where, due to a large-scale disaster, either local, regional or national, society is so disturbed and unprepared for the emergency, that the rule of law and order in society is temporarily upset. This can happen in the aftermath of a large storm, earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster. It can also happen when economic and political systems collapse.

In the scenario illustrated by the videos, the collapse was caused by an economical and political collapse of the United States. Think of it as a worst-case scenario of where our country may be headed. Our goal is to have one WROL video up every 2 weeks. Our next video should be up on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013.

Here is the last WROL Series for your viewing pleasure.

Gun Control

Here, at Survival-Pax, we don't get political. Personal politics are your business. We are here to help you be prepared for emergencies. However, when politics come to attack our right and ability to be prepared, well, that definitely deserves a response from us.

What is a gun and what is it good for?

A gun is a tool. It is, at its most primitive state, it is a pipe packed with an explosive charge with a projectile on top. Igniting the charge accelerates the projectile. That projectile can then be directed to deliver its kinetic energy towards a target. It's a very simple piece of technology that has existed since the 12th Century.

When you think of what a gun is good for, due to what you see and hear in the media, the thoughts you get are often very negative. Since the horrible crime that happened at Sandy Hook, the media's coverage of the gruesome misuse of that tool has been greatly increased. If you have never shot a gun before, you may think that there is absolutely no legitimate use for a firearm and that's very unfortunate.

The fact that so many people are so passionate about the ownership of firearms should give you a clue that maybe they are on to something, that there are legitimate uses for guns. The people calling for the defense of the right to keep and bear arms are not fringe radicals, but rather mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc. They are the people all around you.

An AR-15 may look scary with a standard capacity, 30-round magazine,
but there is no better tool for defending my family.
The reasons that I am even taking the time to write this are to show that guns have a legitimate use and their use can be indispensable in an emergency. I understand that many like to use guns for fun at the range, for competitive shooting, and even for hunting, but that is only a secondary function. Their primary reason for even being invented is for self-defense. When an adversary is about to hurt or kill you, a firearm is a very efficient and safe way to defend yourself. By safe, I mean safe to you since you do not have to come into contact distance with the adversary. The ideal outcome when being attacked would be to walk away without a scratch, and a firearm is about the only tool that even gives you a chance at achieving that end.

Yes, they can be misused, but the amount of times that guns are used in self-defense outnumbers the amount of times they are used to hurt or kill the innocent. If you take them away, criminals will still find a way to continue their crimes (crimes were committed before the invention of guns), while the law-abiding will have lost the ability to defend themselves effectively.

The approach that many in the media are screaming for is totally backwards. In the face of extreme evil, they are calling the citizens of this nation to disarm. Well, what will we be able to do when that evil comes breaking into our home in the middle of the night? I want to have the ability to defend myself and, even more importantly, my family. When the risk of being hurt is increased, it is logical to beef up security and not to lessen it!

In all the times that I have heard politicians call for gun control, not once have I heard them call for taking the guns away from criminals, only for taking them away from you and me, people who have done nothing wrong.

In any mutual relationship, there is a level of trust. If there is no trust, then the relationship cannot possibly be a healthy one. I do not want to have a government that does not trust its own citizens. Not only that, while the government is seeking to disarm us, they are increasing their own armament!

Back to WROL

How does this relate to WROL? Well, these topics are some of the topics that I will touch on when I record this next series of videos. I have a very bad feeling that if this call to disarmament is not contained, we may be facing our very own WROL scenario in the future.

Simon - Survival-Pax Team Member

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