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Thursday, August 9, 2012

What is Type 1 Paracord?

Have you ever thought that 550 Paracord (Type III Cord) is just too thick for certain tasks and just wanted something a bit thinner?

Introducing Type I Paracord! I haven't had much experience with this cordage so far, but from what I've seen, I love it!

Type I Paracord comes in many shades and colors.
Most of the uses that I have for 550 Paracord don't require anywhere near 550 lb. tensile strength, so why carry around thicker cord? Coming in at around 2 oz for 100', Type I Paracord is 1/4 the weight of Type III Paracord, allowing you to carry much more of it in your emergency kit or daypack.

Just like 550 Paracord, Type I Paracord can also be gutted, with the inner strand used for fishing line, sewing, dental floss, etc. Type I Paracord has 1 inner stand, as opposed to 7 inner strands for Type III Paracord.

Tensile Strength breakdown of Type I Paracord:
Outside Sheath - 60 lbs
Inner Strand - 35 lbs each x 1 strands
I use Type I Paracord to attach my USB Drive to my keys. 
Total Strength - 95 lbs

Type I Paracord is great for attaching loose gear to your pack. Tie some around your compass to keep from losing it. I used some as a lanyard for my USB Flash Drive and can now attach it to my keys. This stuff is great, and like 550 Paracord, the uses are endless.

As time goes on, we'll carry more colors. I'd recommend trying some out and seeing for yourself how great Type I Paracord really is.

Take care!

Simon - Survival-Pax Team Member

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