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Friday, February 4, 2011

What is WROL?

If you have lurked around the internet for a while, you have definitely seen acronyms being thrown around. For the casual web surfer, it can be very confusing. Well, here's another one. It's called WROL.

What is WROL? What does it mean?

WROL stands for Without Rule of Law. It is a situation that many have faced causing by a destabilization in society due to a disaster, either natural or man made. Normally, law and order govern our everyday lives. People have a sense of right and wrong and follow that. For those that don't, there is law enforcement. This keeps society running smoothly. There are also services that maintain law and order such as police, fire and paramedical services. In case of a small-scale emergency, these services are enough to help overcome most problems that we face in society.

It's hard to imagine New Orleans ever going back to
normal after seeing something like this. Source: Wikipedia.
However, these services can be slow to react and are limited in what they can do. In case of a medium to large scale disaster, these services are always overrun and can no longer help in the way that society needs it.

Lets face it, in a disaster, when there's nobody there to enforce the law, the law is what we say it is, at least until law enforcement returns. In situations like this, people have the ability to do what they please and get away with it. There is nothing but a personal sense of right and wrong that dictates people's actions other than the immediate consequences of those actions.

Our health and safety is always our personal responsibility, not the responsibility of the policeman, the fireman, or the paramedic. In a WROL situation we cannot count on getting help from them, nor can we count on things like supermarkets, banks or other institutions. These can also be destabilized, either because of damage to infrastructure or because people simply aren't doing the jobs that they normally would have done. Supermarket supply chains can be broken. Banks can run out of cash. Utilities can be turned off. Realistically, nothing is actually "guaranteed".

These situations can happen. We know this because they have happened in the past. A recent example of a WROL situation caused by a natural disaster can be found after Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the coast of Louisiana in August of 2005, resulting in the costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States.1 1,836 people lost their lives and now almost 6 years later, the area is still being rebuilt.

Not all WROL situations are as chaotic. Many of you many not know, but Argentina faced a sort of WROL situation when it's currency collapsed in 2001. The resultant situation led to widespread looting and shortages of basic essentials such as food, water, and even utilities. 10 years later, the country still hasn't recovered.

I guess the common theme here is that WROL situations can happen suddenly, but when they do, they take a long time to recover from. Because of this, it is good to study what has happened in the past and what people have done to overcome them.

WROL Scenario Videos

I am currently recording a series of WROL Scenario Videos, trying to show the story of a young man who is making Vlogs of his life while trying to survive a financial collapse in America. He has prepared better than most people, but is still experiencing hardship while society is trying to rebuild.

This person is played by me, but it isn't supposed to be me. The things that he does or doesn't do well are there to try and emphasize certain points that I am trying to make. Hopefully, we will all learning something from it. I know that I am learning a lot while coming up with situations for him to face and actually having to get into character to record the videos.

I'm not trying to scare any of you needlessly, but I can guarantee that eventually, another WROL situation will happen in America. It might be small-scale or it might be nationwide. It might be due to a natural disaster or to a man made one. I cannot predict when and how it will happen, but looking at the past, things like this are bound to happen in the future.

It is good to be prepared. I will do my best to help you guys out.

Take care!

Simon - Survival-Pax Team Member

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1. Wikipedia. Hurricane Katrina.

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