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Monday, November 15, 2010

Video - Survival-Pax Updates & Item Raffle!

We just posted a short video, giving you an update to the Survival-Pax Community, along with an opportunity to win a free firemaking kit.

In the video, we announce a raffle to all YouTube subscribers. You can become a subscriber by going to our YouTube Channel and clicking "Subscribe". We will be raffling off a basic firemaking kit consisting of WetFire tinder by Ultimate Survival Technologies and a Ferro Rod/Fire Steel.

These two items can almost guarantee a fire in hot, cold, wet or dry conditions, since the WetFire tinder will burn even when wet. If you can find relatively dry wood, you will have a fire.

Fire Steel, also known as a Ferro Rod, if you haven't used it yet, is also very useful. It consists of a metal rod that sparks when scraped with a sharp piece of metal. I like to use the back of a knife to scrape a fire steel. The sparks emitted from a fire steel are hot enough to light dry tinder such as grass, cotton balls and WetFire.

So again, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for great videos and for a chance to win some cool free stuff!

Take care guys!
Simon - Survival-Pax Team Member

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