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Monday, October 11, 2010

What's New? - Products to Keep Your Blades Sharp

Here are some great new products that we added today.

Ceramic Sharpening Rods
8.5" Ceramic Sharpening Rod
4.5" Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Today, two versions of ceramic sharpening rods were added to the page. These are great for quick touch-ups to your knife blades and are very inexpensive. They come in 4.5" and 8.5" versions.

Ceramic Sharpening Stick
Ceramic Sharpening Stick

As a sort-of upgrade to the plain ceramic rods, a ceramic sharpening stick was also added. This is basically a 6.7" ceramic rod with a nice, wooden handle on the end. The handle makes sharpening safer by keeping your hand away from the rod as the blade is being sharpened against it.

Ceramic V-Sharpener
Ceramic V-Sharpener

The "king" of the ceramic sharpening methods that we currently offer, the Ceramic V-Sharpener offers ease of sharpening, while still being affordable. The sharpener keeps the ceramic rods at the proper angle to make sharpening easier and faster.

Take a look at these new products that'll help you keep your blade sharper, because a sharp blade is a safe and useful blade!

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