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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Adventure Medical Kits - Outdoor/Travel First Aid Kits

Many people underestimate the necessity of a first aid kit. That is, until someone gets hurt. I do not know many people who carry a first aid kit with them regularly, but from first-hand experience on many different occasions, I have been grateful that I carry a first aid kit with me whenever I have a backpack on, which is usually the case when I leave the house for a few hours.

Honestly, I only started carrying a first aid kit regularly about 2 years ago. I had never given first aid much though, until I started caring more about being prepared. Since then, I might add, I have had to use it on numerous occasions. None of the situations were life or death emergencies, but having a medium-level first aid kit definitely helped.

Previously, I thought that first aid kits always came in bulky containers, and  that they couldn't be easily carried. I figured that the low risk of a medical emergency wasn't worth the trouble of carrying around a first aid kit with me. My views changed when I found out about a company called Adventure Medical Kits.

Even the Ultralight First Aid Kit is detailed in its contents.
Adventure Medical Kits is a company that makes first aid kits and survival supplies specifically designed for situations where help can be a long ways away, such as in the outdoors. Their first aid kits are usually more compact but also more functional that other kits on the market. Their kits have supplies that vary from aspirin, to sutures and QuickClot for extreme cuts and injuries. They have a large variety of kits, ranging from an Ultralight Medical Kit designed to be used by one person, to a kit called the "Expedition", designed for groups of up to 15 people.

What I find really helpful about the first aid kits that Adventure Medical Kits makes is how organized they are. The kits are organized by function, with each medical supply placed in a pouch or bag labeled according to that item's use. For example, bandages and medical tape would be placed in a pouch called "Wound Care", while Ibuprofen would be placed in a pouch called "Medications." It's a very simple and obvious concept, but it's surprising how many first aid kits are not labeled in a similar way.

The Smart Travel Kit is well-organized.
I can imagine that, in an emergency, unless the person knows the kit very well, an unlabeled first aid kit would have to have its contents spilled out in order to find what is needed. The labels and organization alone make Adventure Medical Kits first aid kits worth checking out.
The Adventure Medical Kits first aid kits come in fabric cases, which makes carrying it easy. No longer do you have to take up extra space in your pack with bulky and rigid plastic containers.

Adventure Medical Kits, from what I have seen, also tries to give the user the proper knowledge to use the items inside. The medium to large first aid kits that I have seen, such as the Smart Travel kit, come with a "Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine" booklet, which explains different medical emergencies that can happen, along with the appropriate methods of treatment. There are also a variety of other pamphlets, which are easy to read and understand, great for those who have little to no medical knowledge but who are required to treat a wounded individual due to unintended circumstances.

The first aid kits offered by Adventure Medical Kits are useful and easy to understand. No longer should you feel intimidated by first aid. Purchase one of their smaller to medium-sized kits and make one part of your every day carry gear, your emergency kit, or just take one whenever you're going somewhere where the risk of medical emergencies is greater. You never know when a medical emergency may happen, and you wouldn't want to be unprepared while in a situation that required first aid. On the flip side, when you have to use your kit, it's a great feeling to know that your preparation has actually helped someone.

Take care guys!
Simon - Survival-Pax Team Member

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